Market Vendors

Target Opening Date: Sunday, June 13, 2021

Our Association is planning a weekly Farmers Market in North Barton Heights! Please stay tuned as we work out the final details of location, insurance, permissions, vendors, and marketing. If you are interested in becoming a vendor, our plan is a weekly, Sunday market running from 9am to 1pm from May through October annually.

If you’d like to inquire about becoming a vendor, please write us at; your email will go to the market management committee:

Lewis Nelson, Market Manager
– Arthur Freeman
– Dana Carlson
– Markey Bustillo

Apply to be a Vendor!

Please review our Vendor responsibilities, rules, regulations, and Vendor information below, or download our application packet. If you have read the information and wish to submit your application electronically, please use the form provided on this page.

Vendor Fees:

10’ x 10’ Space: $25/week
10’ x 20’ Space: $40/week

Inaugural Market Vendor Special*: One-time fee for June 13 through July 25, 2021 (seven consecutive markets). $125 for 10’ x 10’ or $200 for a 10’ x 20’ booth (two free weeks included)
* non-refundable but guaranteed, reserved vendor space to launch our new market

Vendor Application – Electronic Submission

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    2021 Vendor Information

    The NBHFM is looking for approximately ten to twenty vendors to commit to a minimum of six (6) consecutive weeks at the market beginning on Sunday, June 13, 2021.

    Priority Vendor Categories:

    • Farm-grown and farm/ranch-raised produce, dairy, eggs, and meats
      • Preference given to organic, free-range products
    • Small batch, prepared kombucha, honey, baked items, chocolates, jams, or similar food items
    • Hand-made crafts including, but not limited to, woodworking, metal working, ceramics, glass, fabrics/apparel, leather, or printed items
    • Small batch personal care items
    • Fresh cut flowers, vegetable starts, or other plants

    Vendor Responsibilities:

    If applicable, collect and report sales tax to the State of Virginia.

    We highly recommend insurance, especially business liability insurance. When required or requested, you agree to provide proof of insurance to

    Vendors agree to hold harmless the North Barton Heights Civic Association, East Marshall, LLC, Maynes & Lee, LLC dba The Smoky Mug, and their managers/members from any and all claims and demands, whether for injuries to persons, or loss of life, or damage to property, on or off the premises, arising out of the use or occupancy of the premises by Vendor and shall defend at Vendor’s own expense any action brought against North Barton Heights Civic Association, East Marshall, LLC, Maynes & Lee, LLC dba The Smoky Mug, and their managers/members, as a result of the Vendor’s acts or omissions. Further, Vendor agrees to the rules and regulations as printed in the attached form.

    Applications may be e-mailed, mailed to 3120 North Ave Richmond, VA, 23222, or completed online at

    Rules, Regulations and Vendor Information

    1. The Market will be open Sundays from 9am to 1pm from May through October. All new vendors agree to participate in no less than four (4) consecutive weeks upon approval as a vendor, and agree to remain open during the entire market hours unless depleted of inventory. Days are subject to change and additional market days may be considered.
    2. The Market will be held at 2920 Barton Ave. Richmond, VA 23222, in the fenced-in portion of the vacant lot adjacent to The Smoky Mug, through lease agreement with The Smoky Mug (tenant) and East Marshall, LLC (the property owner).
    3. Vendor spaces are 10’ x 10’, but two to four vendors will be permitted a 10’ x 20’ double spot.
    4. Vendor will provide tables and shading for their personal use. All shading must have at least 35-pound weights for each leg to prevent dislodging from wind or other human interaction.
    5. Vendor identification is required.
    6. No vehicle parking is permitted for vendors at The Smoky Mug. Street parking is readily available. Vendors will not be able to drive their vehicles into the market space without pre-approval.
    7. If serving consumable items or providing samples, trash containers must be provided by each vendor. All materials must be removed at the end of the market by 2pm unless previous arrangements have been made. No disposal of trash on the premises is permitted.
    8. Vendors representing themselves as a CSA must show sufficient financial ability to deliver as promised and approved in advance by the Market Manager.
    9. Collection of sales tax, compliance with Virginia Department of Agriculture and other governmental regulations are the responsibility of the vendor. Vendor must have a copy of their applicable Virginia Sales Tax # upon request unless not required due to sales volume.
    10. Vendors must notify the Market Manager 36 hours prior to the start of the Market if they cannot attend. Vendors consistently failing to notify of cancellation may be refused a reserved space.
    11. Loud music, political signs, sales or use of alcohol, smoking or use of tobacco related products including electronic cigarettes or chewing products, along with other illegal substances are not permitted in the Farmers’ Market.
    12. The market managers, North Barton Heights Civic Association, and owners and employees of The Smoky Mug have the authority to enforce all rules and regulations and reserve the right to add to or amend them as necessary with notice.
    13. Pandemic regulations may change on the spot as required. All vendors will have at least 10’ of space between booths and market attendance will be limited according to State of Virginia Pandemic guidelines.
    14. Portable rest rooms will be provided for vendors; restrooms at The Smoky Mug are reserved for paying customers of The Smoky Mug and are not otherwise available to vendors or market attendees.
    15. Fire extinguisher and first aid kit are provided by Market. It is recommended that each vendor do the same.
    16. Vendors selling eggs much provide clean cartons and be chilled below 45 degrees before offering them for sale at the market. The name producer and the name of the seller (if different than the producer) shall be attached to all cartons. No recycling of customers egg containers is permitted during the COVID-19 pandemic.
      1. All rules in the VDACS Food Safety Guide regarding the sale of Eggs in the Farmers Market must be followed.
      2. All vendors offering eggs are required to carry product liability insurance to protect themselves and the market owners from any potential liability from illness caused by eggs.
      3. Vendors offering eggs for sale are subject to inspection by the market manager.


    If approved by the market managers, vendors will receive a follow-up email with payment and day-of-market instructions.